PitchPro - Demonstrate Brand Strength With Ease

Tubular Labs is thrilled to release the latest enhancement to our DealMaker product, PitchPro. With DealMaker, we focused on delivering unique access to sponsored content data that enables your media sellers to generate more branded video revenue. We have measured over 107K sponsors, over 661K sponsored videos and nearly 72B sponsored video views - delivering tremendous insights to power your prospecting, pitching and campaign reporting efforts.

Art Johnson, lead product manager, wanted to build an actionable tool that optimizes both inbound and outbound deal opportunities. And now, PitchPro makes it even easier to consolidate data and focus on winning deals. I sat down with Art last week to pick his brain on what value he hopes PitchPro delivers to media sellers and data masters.

Why did you develop PitchPro?

Art Johnson: DealMaker is an amazing database and I wanted to make it easier for sellers to build pitches on the fly. Data is difficult to use when there’s no context and through user data we know the power of comparisons is a key tool when demonstrating value. We also know media sellers are often caught on tight, 24hr timetables to deliver on an RFP. A lot of data is somewhat meaningless if it can’t be used in an efficient manner. If you already have DealMaker, you will see PitchPro on your dashboard.

What opportunity did you see in the market?

Measurement and analytics companies do a great job at aggregating and measuring data but you still find sellers blindly searching for brands and then attempting to pitch a story without compelling data points. You could find yourself trying to pitch to brands that haven’t even begun to engage in a sponsored strategy, making it a tough sale. With PitchPro, we wanted to provide both transparency and an efficient method in compiling this sponsored video data.

What problems do you see this product addressing? How will PitchPro help sellers?

First and foremost, I want to make it easier for people to leverage data and demonstrate the quality of their offer. There is a certain level of investment that goes into developing pitches  and this process needs to be more efficient. My hope is that PitchPro reduces some of that overhead. We want to make selling branded content easier and less stressful - lighting the path of potential landmines before you walk into them. Media sellers should be focused on their job - selling.

When we first released DealMaker, it was really primed for the use cases of the data master/analyst persona.  PitchPro introduces a new vernacular and allows more people in the organization to be empowered without the help of a data analyst. This enables the data masters to focus on business metrics and enables the media sellers to operate with confidence.

How do you see cEMV working in complement to PitchPro?

I am also pumped to announce Custom Estimated Media Value (cEMV) this week. It’s a feature within DealMaker that enables the media seller to have an intelligent discussion in terms of dollars. People understand money and this gives them the ability to consolidate the views and engagements into a key metric to start to demonstrate the value these media channels can begin to deliver. This is a new dimension to demonstrate value and we look forward to hearing feedback.

Great, thank you Art. Can you demo this for me?

Sure, we would love to show you the benefits of PitchPro. Please reach out to me at art@tubularlabs.com or, click here for a demo.

Danielle Lepe, VP Product Marketing

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