‘The Bachelorette’ Is the Most Eligible Show in Online Video

By Lauren Orsini · May 13, 2019

‘The Bachelorette’ Is the Most Eligible Show in Online Video

In 2003, The Bachelor runner-up Trista Rehn was given a second chance to find the love of her life and The Bachelorette was born. Now, 14 seasons later, the franchise is still going strong. In the spring of 2018, 6.71 million people tuned in to watch the reality show’s gripping season finale.

These numbers are even more dramatic when reflected in social video. In the past 365 days alone, content focused on The Bachelorette has garnered:

  • 51.2M Facebook views
  • 36.5M YouTube views

ABC’s strong branding of a long-running television show has turned this gender-reversed Bachelor spinoff into an iconic reality series all its own. Now, in anticipation of its 15th season premiere starring Hannah Brown, the franchise is ranking high in social engagement.

Most-Viewed The Bachelorette Videos in the Last 90 Days

Will Hannah Brown show her suitors some sweet Southern hospitality, or will she unleash her alter ego, Hannah Beast? Millions of viewers are already curious, and the numbers are reflected on social video as the views ramp up in advance of the May 13, 2019 premiere.

Just like The Bachelorette’s influence has spanned dozens of bachelors and bachelorettes, its reach goes way beyond its parent production company, ABC. In the past 90 days, we’ve seen other media companies, like Only In Boston, Entertainment Tonight, and The Ellen Show cashing in on the Bachelorette craze. In that time frame, the top five videos from media companies are:

The Bachelorette Is the Most Eligible Show in Online Video
(Top five most-watched The Bachelorette videos of the last 90 days. Data via Tubular.)

How Ellen’s Bachelorette Love Fest Rose to the Top

No two romances are alike. That’s why viewers keep tuning in again and again to see the same, simple plot: one woman chooses among more than a dozen eligible men to find her special somebody. The timelessness of the story has kept the series going strong for 16 years.

What this spells out for social video is that the draw isn’t limited to just The Bachelorette’s broadcasting network, ABC. The reality show’s brand is strong enough that the franchise can stand on its own. It’s not tied to its creator, or even to a single one of its many stars. It’s the concept that persists year after year.

That explains how not ABC but The Ellen Show has enjoyed the top social video ranking. It snagged an interview with the show’s star at an opportune moment this spring, when anticipation for the season premiere was at a fever pitch.

In the top-viewed social video, Brown, the former Miss Alabama USA 2018 and Season 15 The Bachelor contestant, dished innocently with Ellen about her time in the limelight so far. The video, posted on YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram, has earned 3M views and 120K engagements since March 18.

In the past 90 days, Ellen Digital Network has produced not only the most popular but the second and fourth most popular pieces of content related to The Bachelorette. With Ellen recently joining the Global Video Measurement Alliance, it’s clear this media publisher has its finger on the pulse of social video.

How ABC Rules its Popular Bachelorette Empire

While The Ellen Show has snagged three of the top five rankings, it’s worth noting that the other two are coming from a specific ABC property — the official Bachelorette Facebook page. Though ABC was founded 75 years ago, the broadcaster has stayed young by keeping up with the latest social trends including an active, thriving Facebook community.

ABC’s top Facebook videos show the producer’s commitment to staying on top of its own property. That means that while viewers may go to other brands for Bachelorette content, the only place to get breaking news is ABC itself.

For example, the video “It’s official!!???? #TheBachelorette” accrued 869K views and 15.6K engagements by unveiling Hannah Brown as the star of season 15 for the first time:

It's official!!???? #TheBachelorette

It's official!!???? #TheBachelorette

Posted by The Bachelorette on Tuesday, 12 March 2019

There’s another reason Facebook is the right place for ABC to break news and offer exclusive content: it’s convenient for fans. By going where viewers already are, ABC is able to meet them in the middle and make it easy for fans to keep up with The Bachelorette without a lot of effort.

ABC knows that not every Bachelorette fan has cable TV; many tune in the next day to watch new episodes on Hulu instead. Using an open platform like Facebook is a smart way to raise awareness and excitement, as it puts as few barriers in front of their content as possible.

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