Why Tubular Expanded to 30+ Platforms

Dear Tubular Customers, ReelSEO readers, and the video community,

Today at the Media Insights and Engagement Conference here in San Diego, Tubular announced that we have enrolled several of our customers in a beta test of our biggest product release ever. Tubular Intelligence now provides essential insights on the content, creators and conversations for online video from YouTube to 30+ platforms, including Vine, Instagram, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo… NBCNews.com and Foxnews.com. More on the release here.

In seconds, you can begin to understand any group of online video content and who makes it. As an example, the screenshot below shows a summary breakdown of the 1 billion views on 80,000+ videos to Super Bowl 49 content across 30+ platforms.


This analysis and follow on deep-dives were impossible prior to Tubular; but it took me 15 seconds just now through our self-serve Tubular Intelligence product. You will very soon be able to track any and all the content and creators and your cross-platform campaigns over time. (Personally, I’m geeked out by how fast it is.)

Now, speaking honestly, we’re not entirely sure where this new adventure into all of online video is going to take Tubular. How will our customers use the information? How should we present the insights? What should the UI look like? What should we prioritize for follow-on features? We have ideas, of course, but the truth is we’ll learn as we go. We don’t fully know. However, we have made a big, multi-millions bet that these cross-platform Tubular insights and intelligence will help empower video teams to grow their audience even faster, improve the performance of their ad campaigns even better, and find and track all of the important content and creators, wherever they may be.

We’re going “all in” with the new cross-platform generation of Tubular for our customer base who is already racing cross-platform. Each one of you, our 3,000+ customers and users, are online video pioneers. You’ve chosen to break out of the known world of TV and explore online video. You are experimenting with business models, with UI, with content, with creators, with new ad formats, and with brand integrations. And now, you are wrestling with distributing on an increasing number of platforms, from YouTube to Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, and beyond to OTT and broadcast and cable.

As entrepreneurs who love media, its impossible not to fall in love with our customers for your entrepreneurship and the big risks you take in online video. We know how much work goes into scripts, casting, costumes, production, post-production. Then there are marketing plans, technology build outs, social media, fan engagement to promote and distribute. Business deals. You all take on so much and we want each and every one you to succeed. And because digital video will eventually be bigger than TV, we believe there’s room for all of you to do so, as will many more who will get hooked and take the plunge.

For quite some time now, you have been increasingly asking us to provide insights across all the video platforms so you don’t have to fly blind. You’ve asked us for intelligence and trends about the changing audience, content, creators and conversations. We believe insights from this intelligence is essential, and needed by everyone. If there’s something all of you need, all of you shouldn’t have to build it yourselves. We’re creating the next generation of Tubular to give you the information and insights you need — so you can turn that into the content, fan engagement, and marketing campaigns to build a huge audience and succeed in the future of video. Wherever you go in video, we’ll do our best to be there to provide actionable navigation for you on your journey.

Currently, Comedy Central, Activision, Digitas, HGTV and others are using the live beta, and we’ll be rolling it out soon to all our other amazing customers - we love you and we truly want to see you soar to ever greater heights. You’re inspiring us every day.

For creators on our free Audience Dashboard, you won’t see an upgrade today as this is just for Tubular Intelligence. However, the underlying data platform is the same, so we will have new things for you, coming soon. Stay tuned.

Rob Gabel

Founder and CEO, Tubular Labs

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