Gymshark Validates Influencer Strategy to Hit £100M in Sales

Gymshark Validates Influencer Strategy to Hit £100M in Sales

“With Tubular, it’s easy to see what’s trending. We are able to understand audiences and the content they consume, especially for specific athletes – allowing us to always stay ahead of conversation. Tubular helps us shape, validate, and ultimately be more confident in our content decisions.”

Calum Watson, Head of Sponsorship at Gymshark


Gymshark engaged their community with content driven by Tubular trend data

Gymshark’s Challenge

Gymshark needed to maximise return on their increasing investment into influencer-based video content. Their sponsorship team sought to expand and strengthen the brand’s community but needed additional insight into the types of content their influencers’ audiences wanted to watch.

Our Strategy

They used Tubular Intelligence to understand their athletes’ audiences and create engaging, trend-driven content. Gymshark used Tubular to understand and analyse audience trends. Using this insight, they partnered with each influencer to create the video formats that would resonate most with their viewers.

Key Results

Gymshark’s team produced best-in-class influencer content, helping grow their business to over £100M in sales. By leveraging Tubular performance data to establish benchmarks prior to publishing videos, the sponsorship team were able to evaluate each athlete’s content performance and validate their video content investment decisions.

Though Tubular, Gymshark were able to identify athlete Zac Perna’s audience as teenagers with a passion for bodybuilding. Armed with this insight, they could confidently make a strategic investment into a five-part video series which drove 4.2 million views and 35,000 subscribers, opening up an entirely new audience to the Gymshark brand.


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