On-Demand Webinar How RTL Reaches Global Audiences on Social Video

RTL AdConnect is the global hub for leading premium media. Partnering with the biggest media groups worldwide, amounting to 150 TV channels and 300+ digital platforms, RTL AdConnect reaches over 165 million people in Europe every day – and even more globally.

Join us on LinkedIn Live Thursday, 12 November at 10am GMT / 11am CET as we chat with Jean-Baptiste Moggio, Head of Marketing of RTL AdConnect on RTL’s strategy for approaching social video and reaching an expansive global audience.

In this webinar, you will learn how RTL:

  • Reaches a massive engaged audience in key markets on digital
  • Has adapted it’s marketing strategy amidst covid shutdowns
  • Proves the value of creating premium content to advertise

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.