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How Brands Use Profiles

Connect with Influencers that Love Your Brand

Track social video reach of creators that align with your brand.  Understand engagement by platform and contact influencers for promotional collaboration. Get a snapshot of your social audience reach by platform or quickly benchmark competitive performance.

How Media Companies Use Profiles

Instantly Track Cross-Platform Video Performance

Media Companies have immediate access to video viewership and engagement metrics across social platforms; helping them track performance of individual properties, benchmark against competitors, and connect with influencers.  They can measure real-time social video reach and engagement across their network and track audience growth over time.

How MCNs Use Profiles

Get the Sell Sheets You Need

Creators & MCNs use Creator Profiles to convey the full social reach and cross-platform views of talent.  Find and connect with creators for collaborations, partnerships, or benchmarking over time.  Also, discover audience affinities of your own audience or for any creator.

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