Cross-Platform: Most Watched Media Properties

Rankings Include Data Via Tubular Video Ratings
RankNameViews (000)iNumber of views (x1000) received this month.V30 (000)iV30 represents the first 30 day view average (x1000) based on videos over the last 3 months - it helps you predict how many views a video from this property will receive after 30 days across 3 platforms.ER30iER30 represents the average first 30 day engagements per view metric compared to a baseline average - it enables you to benchmark audience engagement across 3 platforms.Publisher Count
The LADbible Group4,214,8451,1480.8x10
The Walt Disney Company4,102,5702041.1x395
Time Warner3,974,5442820.9x212
Group Nine Media3,006,0555431.5x86
Axel Springer SE2,371,4235110.8x73
Jungle Creations2,366,5606850.7x18
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Please Note:

  • Rankings are based on Tubular’s global, cross-platform, all-device, video data.
  • A property is a group of our tracked publishers, and publishers are made up of video accounts who publish video. Publisher count is subject to change as accounts will be added or removed.
  • Publisher level requirement to be a media property include; the company owns and operates the content uploaded and has the right to publish to the social platform(s) at anytime, partner networks and user generated content excluded. A property includes more than one publisher, uploaded in the last 30 days, generated over 100M + monthly views, defined by the industry Entertainment, Media (including sports and news) and includes total views in the month listed.
  • Includes only publishers we discovered. Some publishers may not be included due to size or discoverability.
  • If you believe a publisher is missing, please contact us.
  • Monthly views are calculated using cross-platform data from Tubular Labs and are a sum of views across YouTube, Facebook, Vine & Instagram video platforms.
    • Views calculated do not include Facebook Dark Posts or gated post.
  • V30 and ER30 are averages across the publishers defined within the property and include cross-platform data from YouTube, Facebook and Vine.