WEBINAR: How Jungle Creations Used Social Video to Create a Media Empire

Jungle Creations is one of the most-watched media publishers in the world, generating more monthly Facebook views than some of the established media giants. Their flagship properties include VT, Twisted, Level Fitness, and World Unknown.

Watch our fireside chat with Melissa Chapman, Chief Content Officer at Jungle Creations, where we will explore how one of the most-watched publishers in the world is navigating the competitive waters around social video and expanding beyond viral and branded content to original and offline ventures.

You’ll learn:

  • How data-driven knowledge and competitor analysis is incorporated into the company‚Äôs digital video strategy
  • Which metrics the company actively monitors to understand its success
  • What role data, audience, and testing have in the development of original video, including longer-form content
  • How Jungle Creations expanded beyond Facebook and formed an ever-growing cross-platform strategy
  • How the company creates successful branded content for its partners

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.