The State of Online Video: Sports Media & Entertainment

Social video has redefined sports media & entertainment for digital audiences. Fans now have more touchpoints to remain connected to their favorite teams, celebrity athletes and reporting channels than ever before. As fan fervor increases across major platforms, sports media & entertainment publishers are leaving views on the table by underserving their audiences.

What’s the impact?

  • The lifecycle of a game. See how publishers maximize their post-game coverage share-of-voice by studying the “Miracle at Anfield.”
  • The who’s who of sports video. See how content producers are gaining competitive advantages by finding new and innovative ways to reach audiences… and how you can learn from their successes. 
  • Brands: the 6th man of sports media & entertainment. Learn how brands can maximize ROI on sponsored campaigns through smart partnering decisions. 
  • How brands and publishers can win back and grow their audiences. Create better content and partnering strategies by leveraging audience insights and data.

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.