WEBINAR: How VICE APAC Gains Video Reach, Locally and Globally

VICE APAC webinar

"The APAC audience isn’t rest-of-world, it’s most-of-world!” says Myki Slonim, [President at VICE APAC]. The digital video opportunity in APAC is unquestionable, but how do you invest in that audience while ensuring successful returns on creating the content? The key: use a region-driven method with the right metrics to both grow and show audience value.

Join us for a fireside chat webinar with Myki Slonim on how VICE APAC strategizes video content for APAC, market-by-market, and commercializes those audiences by going beyond just view metrics. You'll learn how VICE APAC:

  • Launches shows by understanding their regional audience by platform.
  • Creates content through a “Local-First but Global-Appeal” approach.
  • Goes beyond views and shows advertisers more transparent regional audience reach metrics.

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