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How YouTube Creators Use Tubular to Get Results



SORTED Food is a UK based cooking channel that produces “how-to” recipe videos.  Since it first started using Tubular, SORTED has grow from 480K to 1.3M subscribers.  Based on Tubular data, SORTED found aligned collaborators (including Rosanna Pansino in 2013); and changed their posting time based on Best Time to Post recommendations.  They also continually use Tubular’s audience data to identify and reach out to top fans.


Taryn Southern is an LA-based singer, actress, comedian, and YouTube personality. She creates weekly vlog, comedy, and music content for her YouTube channel, TarynSouthern.  Since she first started using Tubular, Taryn has grown from 150K to 450K subscribers.  Based on Tubular data, Taryn found influential audience members that were already fans of her channel.  With this data, she set up collaborations and partnerships to continue to grow her channel.

Tubular’s insights have been valuable and actionable. I’d recommend their software & insights to anyone

Jamie Spafford

Creator, SortedFood

1.3M Subscribers

It’s like I’ve been driving with a dirty windshield and Tubular Labs gave me wipers.

Mike Relm

Creator, Relm Vision

200,000 Subscribers