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  • Free Dashboard

    Free insights for any YouTube channel at your fingertips

  • Benchmark Your Channel

    Track how your channel stacks up against competitors

  • Identify Influential Fans

    Discover fans that could be valuable to your business

  • What are Your Fans Watching

    See what's trending for any YouTube channel's audience

  • Best Times to Post

    Learn the day and time when an audience is most engaged

  • Respond to Comments

    Track and respond to what influencers are saying about your content

Identify Your Fans

For any YouTube Channel:

  • Discover influential fans
  • Track influencer and fan engagements
  • Collaborate with any Notable New Subscribers
  • Filter fans by age, gender, subscriber base, level of engagement, or country
  • Measure fan engagement for other videos and channels
  • Compare and track the overlap of a channel’s audience against other channels

Discover What Your Fans Are Watching

For any YouTube Channel:

  • Discover what other videos and channels the subscribers are watching
  • Understand Audience and Engagement overlap with channels and videos also watched
  • Uncover collaboration opportunities and new promotional partners
  • See what’s trending among a specific channel’s audience
  • Measure the likelihood that an audience will engage with other content
  • Easily export a list of channels and videos for media targeting

Listen and Engage With the Conversation

For any YouTube Channel:

  • Monitor what fans and influencers are saying
  • Track all comments in one place
  • Search comments for keywords, track and follow what influencers are saying
  • Respond directly to comments or tweet any comment from Tubular software
  • Sort through comments by date range and country
  • Understand brand sentiment and monitor engagement activity

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