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“At Tubular, we want you to have the best professional experience of your life - so you can invent great things, make lifelong friends and feel challenged and fulfilled.”

Rob Gabel / Founder & Board Member

Core Values

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Culturally Conscious

Video is a mirror of culture. Our technology is a real-time record of our collective story.

The Tubular team tracks trends and data because we are interested in something deeper —what is happening to humanity and culture as we enter a new renaissance of technology? Then we ask ourselves, how can this information create a more integrated, connected world?
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Growth Minded

Scale to the top
with us.

We are standing at the precipice of a social video/creator economy where skills like storytelling, audience comprehension, and connection are of the highest value. Over the last decade, streaming has evolved from a consumer activity to a communicative activity. Our wildly successful journey into the age of social video has just begun.
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Our team is chosen for their tenacity and desire to grow.

Like a wheel, each individual shows up with their unique genius and raises the bar a little bit higher, inspiring others to take pride in their work and dream bigger. Because we are owners of our own success, the wheel of inspiration continues to turn, and our collective determination climbs higher and higher.

We Live in a
Creator Economy

Social video is without a doubt, the most powerful tool in the world. If you don’t agree, tell us anything that has the capacity to reach into the hearts of audiences, suede opinions, and connect with millions of people in a matter of moments. Understanding how to leverage this tool with pointed accuracy means limitless upward potential.

At Tubular, we work with brands, media enterprises, and creators that are making the world a better, more connected place. We dream of a more integrated online experience where people are exposed to stories that spark inspiration and connectedness.

Culture and Diversity

We’re not interested in doing things the way they’ve always been done. To change the world, we need a team of change-makers — and that means individuals from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life.

To us, Team is a verb. It means to challenge, collaborate, disagree, deconstruct, and rebuild. Team means sharing talk-time so that all voices, especially the underrepresented, are heard. Team is a synonym for Nurture, because each individual must feel valued and supported in order to reach their fullest potential.

Tubular is a place for the color-outside-the-liners and the forward-thinkers because your uniqueness deserves to be celebrated.

Lauren Magistro

Customer Success

There is very little ego, a lot of humility, and a genuine effort across the board to try and create something impactful to the world of online video. Having that community of people who believe in you and are rooting for you makes it easier to take risks.

Laurel Dunne


I enjoy working here because I feel like I am surrounded by people that I can learn from, personally and professionally. It also makes me proud to say I work at Tubular because of the position we hold and OUR unique offering.

David Park

Customer Success

It is so important to have a well-put-together team that starts from the top and I’m so fortunate to have such an amazing leadership team at Tubular Labs. There are lots of opportunities for growth and you definitely feel that you’ve become a part of a family. We’re all here to support one another to grow professionally, as well as personally.

Vera Dadok

Data Science

The best part of working at Tubular is the people: the team is collaborative, intelligent, and continuously learning and growing. There’s an amazing startup energy and a drive to build high-quality solutions for our customers’ challenges. I’ve enjoyed the culture and the mission to add much-needed transparency to the complex world of social video!

Brittany Chow


At Tubular, you are more than just an employee. Across the organization, your opinions and ideas have a voice and are heard and the team respects all aspects of your life and encourages you to grow in your personal and professional goals. With innovation and growth at the forefront, we inspire what's next for our customers and each other.

Shelby Kisner

Insights & Strategy

The team is quick to listen, eager to help, and also willing to let you try something if it’s a great opportunity for you to grow. Growth and development are a priority here over playing it safe and holding people back.

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Engineering at Tubular

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Make data meaningful.

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Build uncompromising transparency.

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Offer tangible value for users.

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Experience permanent expansion.

Kevin Le
Kevin Le

Senior Engineer

"We are empowered to define our own objectives and have a clear vision of how to improve people's lives. We're not bogged down by chain of command. We optimize for learning, and we want people to push boundaries and take on challenges in new areas. And we really do it! You don't get that opportunity at a lot of companies."

Charmie Maniar
Charmie Maniar

Engineering Manager

"When I shared my career goal to become a manager, I got a lot of mentorship and training from Engineering and HR leadership, and the chance to try it out for 6 months, no harm, no foul. I feel so supported and happy to have achieved my goal of becoming a manager."

Anwar Hahn
Anwar Hahn

Senior Engineer

"Our tech is really interesting. There are so many pieces that fit together in different ways, from Typescript to Jasmine to Python Tornado, MySQL and Elasticsearch... the list goes on. We're using open source technologies, and creating longevity in our skillsets. It’s never boring!"

Louis Yang
Louis Yang

Data Scientist

"It's really exciting to join a disrupter. I'm working on applying natural language processing and other machine learning techniques. We work on very technically challenging questions and I've had many opportunities to progress my technical skills."

Dmytro Popovych
Dmytro Popovych

Engineering Manager

"We are constantly thinking about the bigger picture. We are trusted to provide important features to improve our business outcomes. I enjoy having this kind of influence at Tubular."

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Love Where You Work

Employee-first benefits

Including 401K, and 100% paid insurance (including short-/long-term disability, life, vision, dental, health) for employees and their families.

Pro-family policies

100% paid leave and parental support throughout the pregnancy post-partum and bonding for both birthing and non-birthing parents.

Mental health benefits

Tubular provides monthly company wide mental health days and gives free access to a mediation app for all employees. Employees are also given monthly stipends for wellness.

Work from home perks

Tubular provides a healthy budget for employees to make their WFH space awesome!

Flexible time off

We work hard for our teams’ and company’s success. We also respect personal needs to disconnect, travel, spend time with friends and family. Enjoy your flexible time off.

Celebration & education

Team building. Training and mentorship. Happy hours. Community events. Cookies! We want to celebrate and empower our people and community to be the best versions of themselves.

A global network
that inspires growth.

Tubular is a place that inspires growth whether you are in one of our locations in the most dynamic neighborhoods around the world or from the comfort of your home office. Tubular is everywhere video is.

Mountain View

Mountain View

Our global HQ is home to our diverse engineering, product, finance and people teams.

New York

Our sales and customer success teams are located in the dynamic Soho neighborhood.
Palm Tree

Los Angeles

Our sales and customer success teams are located in the heart of Culver City.
Golden Gate Bridge Icon

San Francisco

A downtown hub for our marketing, product, and field teams.
London Icon


Our European HQ, home to sales, customer and marketing teams, in the heart of the city.
Kiev Icon


Our dynamic Kyiv team powers our engineering infrastructure and data systems.
Singapore Icon


Our most recent Tubular location lies in the heart of downtown Singapore.

Tubular gives back

Tubular has helped our employees support the following charities:

A Home Away From Homelessness, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, Autism Speaks, ACLU, BCYL, SPLC, Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand, Farm Sanctuary, Food Empowerment Project, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Help Hope Live, St Judes, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Lighthouse Relief, Médecins Sans Frontières, Mt St Michael Catholic School, Nahni Kali, Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project

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