Audience  Ratings

Audience-first social video measurement

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Audience  Ratings

Know who's watching and for how long

Only Tubular lets you distinguish when people are engaged with your content vs just scrolling, so that you can create content that aligns with your target audience’s interests.
Demonstrate your reach and frequency in the competitive market to negotiate stronger partnerships.

“Tools like Tubular provide an immense amount of value to us. Whether it’s revealing demographics, geo-data, insights related to specific posts, handles, and hashtags — it all helps us tell a richer story.”

— Rich Calacci, Chief Revenue Officer, Overtime

Make a lasting impression

Develop content that resonates with your target audience and makes them want more.
Only Audience Ratings measures social video viewers’ attention through 30-second views and minutes watched.

Know your true reach

Subscribers & page likes aren’t true indicators of audience size.
Audience Ratings proves who is actually watching each month, so you can tailor your social video strategy to the people you really reach.

Demonstrate the value of your audience

Competitively position your portfolio, improve your RFP win-rate, and secure more brand investments with audience-first positioning.
Media companies around the world trust Audience Ratings as the gold standard for competitive rankings on audience size, viewership, and attention.

Capture market share, first and faster

Monitor shifting audience interests among Gen Z or Millennials to align your social strategy with rising trends.
Audience Ratings leverages ContentGraph to calculate how long audience segments spend with each Video Category.

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Audience measurement built for social video

Unprecedented Accuracy
Meticulously inspected and reviewed by our data scientists to ensure the highest level of accuracy, Audience Ratings is the only validated measurement solution for social video.
Simple, Smart, Standardized
Compare views across platforms as apples-to-apples for the first time. Plus, weave social video seamlessly into media plans with TV-like metrics such as GRPs and TRPs.

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