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Social Media Marketers

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Social Media Marketers

Digital video has a giant prize – a growing global audience.

As a prime location for youth audiences and home to over 
4.5 billion viewers and 16 million creators, social video is a vital world to master.

You hold the key to connecting with millions of people and forging meaningful relationships with them. However, with constantly shifting content trends and emerging influencers, knowing who to partner with or how to tell an authentic story can be daunting and frustrating.

Top marketers use Tubular to build long-term relationships with growing audiences.

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Cultivate your own audience –
wherever they are

Maximize effectiveness
of your partner programs

Take influencer marketing to the next level. Quickly identify the right partners by sorting, filtering and vetting influencers who are already reaching your target audience.

audience behavior

Dive deep into your target audiences’ interest areas and passion points by uncovering what they watch and when they watch it.

Connect directly with
your consumers

Tailor and distribute your message by creating robust content strategies based on the type of content your target audiences love most.

"Before Tubular, we were just banking on our YouTube analytics, but with Tubular, we were able to gain access into what else was going on and stay on the cutting edge of content creation for YouTube."

Isaac Quiroga

Director - Video Engagement, New Media
Mattel, Inc.

"We’ve been able to better target and engage our audience by identifying the content creators most connected to our target audience with Tubular’s Audience Also Watches."

Talia Carr

Assistant Manager, Social Marketing
Spin Master

"With Tubular, it's easy to see what's trending. We are able to understand audiences and the content they consume, especially for specific athletes - allowing us to always stay ahead of conversation. Tubular helps us shape, validate, and ultimately be more confident in our content decisions."

Calum Watson

Head of Sponsorship

Unlock the true value of social video with Tubular.

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