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Video Strategy & Custom Reports From the Digital Video Experts

  • Industry Experts from Media & Consulting

    Our Solutions Analysts hail from YouTube, Ogilvy, Viacom, and were top performers in the video, consulting, and advertising world.

  • Answering Your Toughest Questions - with Data

    How do I build a video strategy, partner with influencers, stack up against my competition? Who are my fans and what do they care about?

  • Full-Service Experience

    We provide custom analytics around benchmarking, audience insights, media buying, platform analysis, industry report, brand audit, competitive review and other custom research.

  • Cutting-Edge Customers

    Our customers range across Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 brands, media companies, agencies, video platforms, and MCNs that have a dedicated focus on digital video (producing 100 or more digital videos a year).

  • Custom Analysis for any Video Category

    We are 100% focused on customer-specific analysis that fill the gaps around cross-platform content measurement. Tubular Provides Custom Analysis and Deep Dive Reports for any Video Category

  • Helping Executives Make Informed Decisions

    Tubular custom reports help senior executives across Marketing, Production, Research and Sales departments get the data they need to make informed decisions around video marketing.

Industry Analysis

The Industry Overview Report details a company’s industry on social video platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc.) including highest and lowest performing brands, best practices, and benchmarking by view and engagement.

Example Insights:

  • Which brands or companies in your vertical have the strongest presence on social video platforms?
  • How should you tailor your content strategy for each social platform?
  • How do you stack up against your competition in terms of earned and owned content?

Audience Analysis

The Audience Analysis Report provides an overview of a company’s target audience (demographic and psychographic) on YouTube – what content do they engage with both within and outside company vertical.

Example Insights:

  • What do Millennial Moms engage with on YouTube outside of parenting content?
  • What percentage of your target audience are you currently reaching; what is full potential?
  • Identify optimal collaborations based on audience overlap and affinity.

Programming Strategy

Recommendations on content programming to succeed on different social video platforms; overview of top themes and topics which resonate with each platform’s audience, including influencer marketing and whitespace analysis.

Example Insights:

  • What is the most engaging content on Facebook?
  • How should I vary my content between YouTube and Facebook to resonate with the audience?
  • Who are the most cost effective influencers in my vertical whom I should partner with?

Optimize Paid Promotion

Detailed strategies for organic and paid media performance on YouTube and Facebook. Paid media overview as well as benchmarking and recommendations based on company’s past performance. The Media Buying team provides hands-on support, assisting with targeted curation, performance optimization, and improved reporting transparency.

Example Insights:

  • How can I get the most ROI for my YouTube TrueView campaigns?
  • How do I buy media on Facebook and what is considered “good” performance?

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