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Bring the world’s best ideas to your content strategy by knowing what the world is watching across 4B+ videos and 16M creators – classified and organized for you.
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Position your media property using contextual and comparative performance metrics, and pitch data-backed ideas that will get advertisers excited.


Uncover who is partnering with whom across the ecosystem, to inform your prospecting, pitching and future partnerships.

Tubular Video Ratings™

Tubular Video Ratings are point-in-time performance metrics (views, engagement rates) that allow you to objectively compare first 1, 2, 3, 7, and 30-day performance of video content, influencer partnerships, or individual videos and creators.

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Tubular Audience Ratings

Tubular Audience Ratings™

Compare social video audiences to TV. Tubular Audience Ratings™ measure the reach and engagement of YouTube & Facebook audiences with de-duplicated ratings (unique viewers, minutes watched, 30-second views) for individual or groups of creators, as well as across entire media and brand portfolios, broken out by gender, age, and geography.

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Context - ContentGraph™

Organizing the world of video for you. ContentGraph is Tubular’s organizational backbone, using machine learning to automatically classify videos and creators across and within platforms by type, subject, topic, industry, property, vertical, as well as other descriptive factors.

Audience Insights - Audience Also Watches

Tubular’s Audience Also Watches feature uses real engagement data – not surveys – to index how audiences for collections of videos or creators overlap with one another. Use this to discover untapped audiences and content opportunities.

Top Sponsored Videos on YouTube


Tubular reveals sponsored video campaigns, allowing for specialized prospecting, positioning, content, and partner analysis.

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Top Sponsored Videos on YouTube


Tubular’s API integration allows you to easily incorporate Tubular data into your unified company dashboards and reporting systems.

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Tubular Labs is a founding member of YouTube’s Measurement Program. As a trusted measurement partner, 
Tubular is able to provide reliable and comprehensive insights to drive your business.

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