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Tubular for Media
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Tubular for Media

Expand audiences, shape culture,
and benchmark consumer value

With data at your fingertips, Tubular opens the gates to an extraordinary level of audience understanding. With an always-on, easy to access dashboard, you can create a high performing content strategy that attracts the powerful audiences advertisers are hungry for.
Tubular’s ecommerce shopper insights connect views to dollars and help you project the sales impact of campaigns in order to secure better ad deals and grow your audience.

Grow a massive audience, and prove its value


Create a culturally relevant content strategy by understanding audience viewing preferences beyond your own content.

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Validate campaign impact by measuring the increase in shoppers from your audience before and after watching branded content.

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Partner with leading brands by proving the quality of your viewership and the consumer demographics of your audience.

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Influence and understand the hearts, minds, and actions of social audiences,
across the globe

Media companies use Tubular to unlock an unrivaled understanding of culture and the humans that make it up

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Shape culture through media

Understand the shoppers who make up your audience

Every audience has unique consumer demographics that tell us what products and brands they shop for.

Unlock new content your audience will love

Identifying the content your audience also watches beyond your own can help you reroute viewers back to your channel by satisfying viewing preferences.

Project campaign success and benchmark impact

See what percentage of your audience shops for specific brands and product categories to project impact and measure success.

How media companies use Tubular
to get results

"If you're constantly in the data, aware of everything that's happening then your instincts will be really atuned to make decisions quickly. By staying in the data you can make sure your instincts are ready to make great bets."

Ian Edgar

VP Creative Strategy & Video Programming
Condé Nast

"We use Tubular to get at the type of videos that we think our readers and viewers will watch and want to consume, as a one-stop shop looking across social platforms in one consolidated dashboard."

Russ Torres

VP of Digital Video Content
and Strategy
USA Today

"Tubular gives us the opportunity to benchmark against other brands and competitors. Companies who are resistant to using data will end up falling behind."

Myra Gorostiaga

Director of Social Analytics
A+E Networks

Unlock the science of iconic media

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