The secret to simplifying social video


Impeccably organized

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. But you’re too busy to read a million words– you just want the highlights.

Luckily, Tubular sorts, organizes, and efficiently labels billions of videos for you, providing a simplified view of the social video landscape.

What is ContentGraph?

ContentGraph is Tubular’s proprietary categorization technology that simplifies the world of social video by classifying, categorizing, and organizing content and creators.

Machine Learning

Organized by AI

Machine learning technology automatically groups similar videos together and classifies them into 1M+ video categories and topics that accurately describe the content.
Integrated into Products

Integrated into Tubular

Tubular’s products have ContentGraph’s classifications built in so you can efficiently find relevant insights whether you focus on content, audience, or behaviors.
Unified View

Unified View

ContentGraph consolidates creators into portfolios of cross-platform channels, enabling aggregated performance data and simplified reporting.

Make sense of the social landscape

Videos are multidimensional and complex. They often have attributes that fit into several different buckets all at once. ContentGraph can assign multiple Video Categories & Video Topics to a single video at once to convey an accurate description of the video at-a-glance. 

ContentGraph Video Categories

Video Classifications

Video Categories
From fashion hacks to muscle cars and kids’ unboxing videos, Tubular assigns a proprietary classification to virtually every video across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok.

More than 1,500 Video Categories are organized into a hierarchical taxonomy, so you can choose to focus on general categories (like beauty) or explore more niche content (like beauty pageants).

As cultural events and trends evolve, Topics evolve to reflect the popular themes that appear in social videos. More than 1 million granular Topics are updated regularly to accurately describe who or what specifically is featured in a video.

Paired with Video Categories, Topics provide a detailed at-a-glance summary of a video’s content.

Social video that makes sense

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