On-Demand Webinar COVID_19: Confidence in Times of Uncertainty – Insights from News UK’s Head of Commercial [Episode 4]

In these uncertain times, staying informed through reliable news has become more crucial than ever. However, with an overwhelming influx of Covid-19-related information from news sources worldwide, it’s challenging to stand out from the noise. Additionally, media outlets face the task of managing relationships with advertisers while also delivering news beyond the pandemic.

Join us in the fourth episode as we delve into the valuable insights provided by Joanna Carrigan, Head of Commercial Content at News UK. She offers a glimpse into News UK’s strategy, showcasing their adaptive approach during the Covid-19 crisis. By sharing their experiences, Carrigan provides recommendations for media sellers to navigate these trying times successfully.

With Carrigan’s guidance, media sellers can learn how to break through the noise of Covid-19 reporting. Discover strategies to capture the attention of the audience amidst the saturation of pandemic-related news. Moreover, Carrigan sheds light on the importance of maintaining strong relationships with advertisers during challenging periods, offering insights on how to nurture these partnerships effectively.

Furthermore, Carrigan emphasizes the significance of producing non-pandemic related news to cater to diverse audience interests. By balancing Covid-19 coverage with other topics, media sellers can engage with their audience on multiple fronts, providing a well-rounded news experience.

In this episode, gain valuable knowledge from News UK’s Head of Commercial Content, Joanna Carrigan, and unlock strategies to navigate uncertainty successfully. Learn how to cut through the noise, foster relationships with advertisers, and deliver a diverse range of news to captivate your audience.


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