On-Demand Webinar: How LADbible Built a Site & Social Ecosystem to Engage Younger Audiences

As one of the largest youth publishers in the world, reaching an audience of almost 1 billion, LADbible Group has redefined entertainment and news for a social generation. On their mission to engage “Generation Social,” the media creator stays laser focused on the leading edge of what younger audiences care about through data – both on-site & on social. 

Download our webinar with LADbible’s Jon Birchall, Director of Editorial Strategy, and Anna Cole, Senior Research and Insights Manager, who discuss how they use social video and website analytics to drive their editorial strategy. They share their secrets to gathering a deep understanding of their audience and what makes them click, share, and engage.

Learn how LADbible combines first and third-party data sources to identify early signals of ever-changing audience preferences that guide their planning and strategies. Plus, how they bring site & social data together into a virtuous cycle.

Download the webinar here.

LADbible webinar ondemand


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