On-Demand Webinar: BBC Children’s YouTube Strategy: Insights into Influencer Collaboration

Expanding Horizons: BBC Children’s YouTube Programs and Digital Growth

BBC, a global public service broadcaster, has established itself as a leader in television channels and digital video content. With a strong focus on children’s programming, BBC now operates 10 YouTube programs, including beloved shows like CBeebies and Blue Peter, captivating and educating young audiences worldwide.

Unveiling BBC’s YouTube Content Strategy and Influencer Selection Process

Join us in this engaging webinar as we interview Mark Denby, YouTube & Influencers representative from BBC Children’s & Education. Gain valuable insights into BBC’s meticulous approach to crafting their YouTube content strategy and their method of identifying influencers that align with their brand.

Driving Engagement: BBC’s Focus on Social Video and Audience Connection

In this webinar, you’ll discover how BBC leverages social video as a catalyst for expanding their content and talent opportunities. Learn how they collaborate with influencers who have organically established connections with their target audience. Additionally, explore BBC’s efforts to captivate audience attention alongside fostering engagement.

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