On-Demand Webinar: How Whistle wins big with advertisers

The concept of sports as a lifestyle is more than a philosophy, it’s a revenue driver. The explosion of social video has given fans more opportunities to remain connected to their favorite teams and athletes than ever before, and media companies are racing to be at the intersection of audience consumption and engaging content experiences.

Join us as we chat with Luke Beshar, Director of Analytics & Insights at Whistle, about how they have been able to find commercial success in this competitive market by understanding who their audience is and proving their value to advertisers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish concrete KPI’s that are predictive in early stages for campaign content and distribution optimization.
  • Maximize commercial opportunities by proving audience reach to brand and advertiser partners.
  • De-risk and scale production processes using proven tools, methods and insights to build out brand-safe content.

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.