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  • Use technology to prospect the most influential rising stars
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  • Save time and money by monitoring performance in one place
  • Measure and report on paid, owned, and earned content
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  • Find creators that are on specific networks or no network
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How influencer marketing agencies and teams use Tubular to get results

Edelman, the world’s largest social media agency, uses Tubular software to identify and contact influencers for brand integrations. Through Tubular, Rob Jones, Vice President of Digital Strategy has set up brand deals with over 10 influencers in the last 3 months.  “I can’t imagine doing my job without Tubular.  It would take a team of 10 interns a day to do what I now do in 10 minutes,” said Jones. “Tubular is very quickly becoming the standard. There’s no other way to show the full reach of these video creators and identify the audiences they touch.
e.l.f. Cosmetics
As e.l.f. Cosmetics was planning their social video strategy, they wanted to discover influencers to work with and understand how they could effectively distribute trial products to these influential Creators. By using Tubular Creator Profiles to identify key influencers aligned with their brand, they achieved 16 million views from videos generated about their brand.
“Tubular makes us more efficient and effective at finding those diamond in the rough creators – which powers our video marketing success”
Cory Weiss
Head of Business Development
“Tubular empowers our social media team and helps us drive earned media through video influencer campaigns. We’ve already seen direct return.”
Gayitri Budhraja
Director of Marketing
E.l.f. cosmetics

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