Create content that gets seen

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Find the right talent
  • Use technology to prospect and contact the most influential rising stars
  • Filter by topic, geography, network, and audience demo
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Create on-trend content
  • Create the right content and plan a distribution strategy
  • Follow trending videos and creators to influence the content you create
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Act on audience and platform insights
  • Learn what content and topics trend on what platforms
  • Create the will resonate most with your audience in the right time and place
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Cross-platform reporting
  • See cross-platform stats in one place for your web-series, talent, or network.
  • Get the complete data you need to sell shows or branded entertainment deals

How production teams use Tubular to get results

New Form Digital
Barbie, a brand under Mattel's umbrella, uses Tubular to gain strategic insights that drive the brand's digital transformation. In 2018, Barbie’s global sales reached a five-year high, surging 14 percent from the year prior. “We see the power of video and content for our particular audiences and the proof is in our overall sales and our brand-affinity lift,” says Isaac Quiroga, Director of Video Engagement at Mattel.
Using Tubular data, HGTV discovered DIY as a rising topic of interest with Millennials, which helped shaped their content strategy and allowed them partner with rising stars in this category.  As a result, HGTV’s channel grew 9.4x faster compared to average DIY channel, and achieved over 25K subscribers in the first month (with no paid promotion).

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