Data Subject Requests

How will Tubular Labs address Data Subject Requests?

Access Requests

Tubular Labs, Inc. (we) will provide Data Subject (“you”) with a completed access report containing information about you from our systems. If we do not have any information about you, we will notify you of such.

Additionally, if fulfilling this request would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of other Data Subjects, we will inform you that we cannot fulfill the request.

Portability Requests

We will follow the Access Requests procedures if you submit a Portability Request.

Rectification Requests

We will review the request of data that is not accurate. If the information provided to support the data change is deemed to be fair and accurate, we will update your Personal Data and notify you after such changes. If we require further information and/or identification, we will reach out to you.

Erasure Requests

After receiving your request, we will review the request and determine whether the Personal Information subject to the Erasure Request is covered by an applicable exception, retention schedule, contractual holding period, law or legal hold order.

If all or parts of the Erasure Request are denied, you will be notified on the reason why all or parts of your erasure request was denied.

If all or parts of the Erasure Request are approved, we will honor the request to erase from electronic and hardcopy repositories (e.g., workstations, filing cabinets, etc.).