Q2 2018 State of Online Video Report

Why should media companies and brands take notice of the latest macro and micro trends in social video? And how can they turn the data into actionable insights?

The video eco-system is advancing at a ferocious pace and publishers, brands, and other stakeholders need vital data at their fingertips to keep on top of the macro and micro trends in content today. Choosing the right content strategy for your audience development, video distribution, and marketing campaigns has never been more critical.

In this latest ‘State of Online Video’ report, we take an in-depth look at the trends in short-form video from the first half of 2018, and the opportunities that media companies, brands, and publishers can act on as part of their social video creation and distribution strategy in Q3 and Q4 2018.

We’ll take a look at the mega-trends for: Vicarious Living, Food Fanaticism, and the Evolution of Evergreen.


Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.