WEBINAR: How VICE APAC Gains Video Reach, Locally and Globally

“The APAC audience isn’t rest-of-world, it’s most-of-world!” says Myki Slonim, President at VICE APAC.

The digital video opportunity in APAC is unquestionable, but how do you invest in that audience while ensuring successful returns on creating the content? The key: use a region-driven method with the right metrics to both grow and show audience value.

Join us for a fireside chat webinar with Myki Slonim on how VICE APAC strategizes video content for APAC, market-by-market, and commercializes those audiences by going beyond just view metrics. You’ll learn how VICE APAC:

  • Launches shows by understanding their regional audience by platform.
  • Creates content through a “Local-First but Global-Appeal” approach.
  • Goes beyond views and shows advertisers more transparent regional audience reach metrics.

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.