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Social Video Insights for Publishers – Terminus Cross-Sell
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Chartbeat has joined forces with Tubular

Tubular’s social video intelligence provides a unified view of the content, interests and behaviors of audiences across social media platforms.

Tubular has the world’s largest social video database, and measures performance for virtually every video and creator on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and TikTok. 

Together, Chartbeat and Tubular deliver unmatched insights to help publishers better connect with their audiences.

“We use Tubular to get at the type of videos that we think our readers and viewers will watch and want
to consume”

Russ Torres, VP of Digital Content and Strategy, USA TODAY


Optimize your content on site and on social

Behavioral Insights

Future-proof your content plans

Tap into your readers ever-changing interests and preferences so you can capitalize on trends before they’re gone.

Use behavioral insights from social to understand what type of content your audience wants to see.
Discovery and Strategy Icon

Take the guesswork out of your strategy

Discover what’s working across social media so you can quickly publish relevant and engaging articles on your site.

Customize your content to suit each platform. Outsmart the algorithms and use their ideal video duration, publishing times, sounds, hashtags, and more.

Benchmark performance vs competitors

Track how your social videos rack up views and engagements over time

See how you compare against your competitors, publishers in your industry, geography, and more. 

See how social video intelligence can help you grow your reach & revenue

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