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Tubular is the only video marketing platform that provides insights based on the individual behavior of over 150 million viewers.

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Tubular Intelligence NEW!

YouTube Demystified

  • Search a directory of the top 2M channels and 500M videos as well as billions of comments, tweets, and likes
  • Find and contact rising stars to create or promote your content
  • Identify trending topics and videos
  • Brand and industry intelligence
  • Create hypertargeted video ad campaigns
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Tubular Audience Dashboard

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  • Identify all fans and engage them efficiently
  • Find and track collabs
  • Post at the best time
  • Gain deep audience insights
  • Track any channel, web series, playlist or show

Media Solutions

Custom Insights from Online Video Experts

Prior work includes

  • Purchased over $2M in TrueView campaigns at ~$0.03 CPV using Tubular's AudienceGraph targeting
  • Designed data-driven content strategy for a brand, resulting in 30,000 new subscribers in one month, a 350% increase
  • Benchmarked all TV show content on YouTube by genre and clip type
  • Provided deep insight on the favorite music and lifestyle content among 18 to 34 year old females
  • Identified the 200 top music influencers in Korea and Russia on YouTube
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Win on YouTube

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