From Site to Social: Aligning a Cohesive Content Strategy

Amidst our bustling routines and busy lives, each of us are immersed in a never-ending cascade of news stories from various outlets, news sites and social platforms. The journey of how news spreads is a long and winding road across devices and platforms.

However, with the right data-driven insights, broadcasters can effectively navigate this dispersed landscape by optimizing topics, story lifespan, and audience circulation between owned sites and social channels.

Tubular Labs and Chartbeat have combined comprehensive data-sets to provide a holistic view of audience behavior within the news ecosystem:

  • Topics: Discover which topics resonate best on different platforms and sitesĀ 
  • Lifespan: Unlock strategies to increase story longevity and bust out of the 24-hour news cycle
  • Audience Circulation: Observe how social content drives site visitation and search behaviorsĀ 

Synergize your site and social strategy to harness their combined power and create a content ecosystem that drives loyalty and nurtures engagement.

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