BuzzFeed’s Tasty Serves Up Sponsored Treats for Top Brands

By Carla Marshall · May 14, 2019

BuzzFeed’s Tasty Serves Up Sponsored Treats for Top Brands

Note: This post was originally published on November 30, 2018.

It’s been a minute since we’ve covered this, so we wanted to see if anything has changed in food-related sponsored content since November. Read below for an update!

Looking at year-to-date data (as of May 13, 2019), Tasty is still dominating sponsored videos in the Food & Drink space, owning five out of the top 10 highest-viewed videos after three days (V3). See the top video (5.8M views), a one-pot fajita chicken dinner sponsored by Kroger, below.

The next most-popular sponsored video (4.2M views) was for “Game Day Dips,” which sponsored by Geico.

Other than that, alcohol brands are predominant among the top 10 sponsored videos with the highest V3, as are non-food brands like Bounty, Scotch-Brite, and GEICO. Watch the video for a honey citrus punch recipe with Crown Royal below.

BuzzFeed’s champion food property, Tasty, has been creating sponsored content for brands since March 2016, and is a regular on Tubular’s top sponsored video chart of the week. But this week, the property takes the top three spots, generating a combined 10.8M Facebook views in 3 days for its partners. Two of the videos focused on sweet treat recipes – ‘Sugar Cookie Cups‘ for Hershey’s, and ‘Crunch Bar Swiss Roll‘ for Butterfinger, with the ‘One Pot Spaghetti 4 Ways‘ walk-through claiming the #1 spot on behalf of Maggi. In the past 2 years, Tasty has worked with over 170 brand partners, creating over 2B sponsored views for them via Tasty’s own Facebook Page. Read more about how BuzzFeed built a 60B video view powerhouse and changed the face of video-first publishing.

The other big player in this week’s sponsored video chart is Jungle Creations who take 4 chart positions via its properties VT, and Twisted. VT and Top Golf partnered on an awkward first date clip which generated 2.5M sponsored views, and again with Thai financial brand ไทยประกันชีวิต on a tech ad which attracted 1.8M sponsored views in three days. Over on the Twisted Facebook Page, 3.7M views were generated for videos for Heinz UK and Elmlea UK. Twisted and VT have partnered with 205 brands over the past 24 months, creating an extra 10.8M sponsored video views for their partners on Facebook. Read more about the rags to riches story of Jungle Creations and how the media property is exploring opportunities in e-commerce and even offline retail ventures.

Top Global Sponsored Videos: Nov 4th to Nov 10th 2018

Top 10 Sponsored Videos in November 2019
Top 10 Global Sponsored Videos November 4th to November 10th 2018. All Data exclusively available via Tubular’s Dealmaker feature.

Between the 4th and 10th of November 2018, 4,955 brands sponsored 9,645 videos that were directly uploaded to brand partners channels and pages on YouTube and Facebook. These are the top 10 ranked by views generated in the first 3 days (V3). Sponsored video volume is growing rapidly as brands try to find alternatives to ad blockers and “on my phone while the TV ad is playing” culture. As the industry leader, Tubular publishes a weekly leaderboard on who’s winning in the world of sponsored video. Our DealMaker product tracks thousands of sponsored video campaigns from global brands and media companies. Congrats to all of the brands and publishers featured this week!

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As a publisher of sponsored video in this highly competitive world, consider using Tubular’s DealMaker to arm your sales teams to find the right sponsors for your audience, pitch them effectively, and report back on performance with industry-leading benchmarks. The Top Ten Global Videos Leaderboard chart is powered by the data provided by Dealmaker, and for more information on the industry-changing product please click here.

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