#TeamSeas uses Tubular Intelligence to Support Global Mission

By Henley Worthen · November 01, 2021

#TeamSeas uses Tubular Intelligence to Support Global Mission

October 29th was a kick-off for the books.— #TeamSeas has set off on an epic journey to remove 30 MILLION pounds of plastic from the ocean by the year’s end. 

How It Started

In 2019, #TeamTrees took over the internet, driven by none other than ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober and the infamous Youtuber, Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson. 

Their initial goal was to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees. The catch? They would only have 3 months to complete their mission. Video movements that go #viral often bubble around the internet for a bit before they pick up momentum. They had to find a way to make it happen instantaneously. 

Their strategy was a combination of organic influencer networking inside their circle and influencer data to find collaborators from other categories. According to Sam Chaffee, #TeamTrees Social Video Strategy Consultant, they reached out to a few hundred contacts. But when they amplified their approach with data from Tubular, that number turned into +8000 individual creators. 

To optimize the program, the team had to find a way to reach beyond Mark Rober and Mr. Beast’s audiences, as some of the largest content categories belong to Beauty, Cooking, DIY, and Family Vlogs. 

One of the main insights utilized was Tubular’s creator categorization, allowing them to identify influencers in different categories and countries. They also used Tubular’s Intelligence platform to forecast impact by understanding which creators got the most views in the first 30 days.

How It’s Going

This year, the same dynamic duo is teaming up again to kick off #TeamSeas with an even bigger goal – raise $30 million by 2022 to remove 30 million pounds of plastic from the ocean.

Since the October 29th kick-off, Mr. Beast and Mark Rober successfully raised 8M dollars.  In just the first 2 days of launch, related content reached #1 on Youtube and Twitter, featuring various videos from participating creators, such as cleaning up the ocean in Minecraft and the scientific impact of removing trash. So far, Tubular Data reports 71M views on YouTube and an additional 16M on TikTok. 

Tubular is proud to align with this global mission because it exemplifies the power for positive change in social video. By offering our resources and insights to the #TeamSeas initiative, we hope to support them in making a massive impact on the amount of plastic floating around in our oceans. 

If your brand or company would like to be involved with #TeamSeas, sign up to be a creator or visit their website, here.

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