The New Intelligence for Showrunners

If you are reading this, we probably don’t have to tell you the obvious importance of online and social video. Today, social video has already become an integral part of audience engagement for content businesses. That is why Tubular was founded six years ago to develop what is now the most comprehensive online video intelligence platform that measures the performance of over four billion videos across multiple social video networks.

But while the importance of social video has become obvious, there is a person behind the scenes (literally) that we need to bring forth and spotlight. This person, termed the “Showrunner”, is a video content strategist making the decisions to create and distribute the right content that is highly engaging. To confidently make those decisions, the Showrunner needs direction around the content that performs, backed by data. This is why we want to announce our New Intelligence, Tubular's improved platform that was developed with the insights-driven Showrunner in mind.

Tubular has launched New Intelligence to instantly surface insights that help you confidently make content strategy decisions. Now, customers are provided with instant performance comparisons in three key areas:

  1. Content characteristics, such as video duration, day of upload, platform, genre
  2. Historical Creator performance trends
  3. Video and Creator Intelligence search results

1) Performance Insights

This latest version of the Intelligence platform now includes Performance Insights, which visualizes the performance of video characteristics so you can easily identify the types of videos that succeed. Let's see this in action.

Video Performance Insights

Let's say you are exploring "react" style videos. In the above screenshot, we used Performance Insights to search for “react” videos and quickly show how different video durations performed on YouTube. We can see that 10-15 minute videos performed the best in terms of views and views per video. This can inspire your strategy for creating your "react" video content. In a few clicks, you’re able to compare video metrics by platform, creator type, genre, duration, day of upload, and other segmentations that matter most in driving optimal performance of your content.

"With Performance Insights, I am prepared to quickly respond when asked for the optimal video length for our videos. Insights such as video duration performance guide editorial decision-making and save my team time." 
Stephen Reader, Senior Manager of Analytics and Insights at Viacom

2) Compare Mode

Secondly, we’ve enabled customers to quickly compare custom sets of Creators, on-the-fly, to visualize historical performance trends. This is particularly useful for checking out your competitive set, hone in on specific date ranges, find peaks and valleys, and dive deeper into the top videos that drove video performance for your competitive landscape. See this in action below.

Video Creator Compare Mode

3) Video and Creator Search Comparisons

Finally as part of the New Intelligence, we’ve also made improvements to the search results UI that enable comparisons across any search of videos and creators. Our customers rely on Tubular's measurement of video and creator performance, including metrics of views, engagements, Tubular Video Ratings, and more. With this quick way of generating and comparing metrics side-by-side, video content strategists  And when applying granular search and side-by-side metrics comparisons to Tubular's comprehensive video data platform in the market, our customers can efficiently unearth insights to make key video strategy decisions.

Video Performance in Video Intelligence Search

Becoming a Better Showrunner

For those starting off September with questions to hit the ground running in Q4, might we suggest a little Back to School? We are proud to announce our Learning Lab, an interactive educational curriculum with video guidance and tutorials to get a firm grasp on how to make video content decisions for your Q4 strategy (and beyond). Use Learning Lab to grasp key metrics for measuring video performance, explore best practices in video strategy, access guided walkthroughs for using Tubular’s platform and reinforce top use cases to accomplish your video goals.

At Tubular, we believe you should spend less time without direction in video and more time producing results with better content. With Tubular Intelligence, you can finally create with confidence. To learn more about Tubular’s Intelligence platform, check out the product features to see how it can help you. We look forward to serving the market’s leading video insights platform.


Feng Hong
Product Marketing Manager

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