Tubular DealMaker Launch

I’m excited to announce the launch of DealMaker! You can read more about it in Variety.

Since our founding in 2012, Tubular has helped our customers navigate the complicated and dynamic world of online video. Five years ago, mainstream video was not multi-platform or multi-device, and the goal was largely audience building. Today, the world of online video is vastly different, with 1 Trillion monthly video views, and video being consumed across multiple devices and platforms, and monetizing these views has become an industry priority.

Listening to you, our customer, we have noticed an astonishing growth in the rise of and interest in sponsored content. Our publisher customers want to sign more deals, and our brand customers want to effectively plan, run, and report on sponsored video campaigns . Looking at Tubular data, see that sponsored video is projected to get over 24 Billion views in 2017, worth over $1.2 Billion in media value.

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of DealMaker, the first and only intelligence product on the market for sponsored content. DealMaker empowers brands and media companies to close more deals, increase ROI, and move their businesses forward together.

Tubular’s DealMaker measures over 140,000 sponsored videos, 15,000 brand sponsors, and 15,000 publishers. Brands use DealMaker to find the right media partner for their sponsored video investments and benchmark performance. Media companies use DealMaker to improve their prospecting, pitches, and reporting on sponsored video integrations with brands. In sum, DealMaker takes the guesswork out of forming winning partnerships!

I am committed to your success and excited to see you use DealMaker to achieve your partnership goals.


Rob Gabel

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