Tubular Trends: Lasso-ing Views On Social Videos

By Henley Worthen · September 24, 2021

As we enter National Hispanic Heritage Month, we took a moment to review the state of Spanish-language social video over the last three years. The results are impressive and worth noting for anyone looking for an indicator of how prevalent Hispanic culture has become in the U.S. 

This week, we’re looking at: 

  • Spanish Language Videos Soars
  • Emmy Awards Lassos Big Views
  • WWE’s Summer Slams

Spanish-Language Videos Explode In The U.S.

National Hispanic Heritage Month began last week, and we turned to YouTube to quantify just how much U.S. Spanish-language content has exploded on the platform. In August 2021, it amounted to over 15.9 billion views — by way of comparison, that’s more views than baseball videos received in the same timeframe! It’s also a 30% increase in views since 2018.

This isn’t just some short-term spike, either. Engagement for U.S. Spanish-language content on YouTube has ballooned over the past three years — increasing to nearly 278 million in August 2021 from about 108 million in October 2018. 

U.S. brands have created hundreds of thousands of Spanish-language Facebook videos in recent… but those uploads and views pale compared to the sort of views that influencer accounts can generate. Brands looking to grow their Latinx audiences should look at partnerships with influencers who offer direct access.

Emmys Lasso a Winning Strategy

While the TV ratings for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards improved over last year by 16%, its social video ratings blew the prior year out of the water. On YouTube alone, views for Emmy event footage released by the Television Academy increased over 76% year over year. Last year, the most-viewed video received 349,000 views. This year, the top-viewed video drew nearly 2x that, at 615,000. 

While the popularity of the shows and the celebrities played a factor, the Television Academy may have helped itself out by taking a slightly different approach to content this year…

Last year, the organizations released dozens of videos in the days leading up to the event, cumulating in 36 videos from the event itself uploaded in the hours after. 

This year, the group instead released very little for the entire week… And then literally swarmed YouTube with 50 videos in the hours after the YouTube Livestream ended. Clips replaying the award presentations for Lead Actor in a Comedy and Supporting Actress in a Comedy were the most-viewed videos coming out of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards this week. Both went to actors for the Apple TV+ hit series, Ted Lasso.

The third-highest video based on views? Comedian (and former Emmy host) Jimmy Kimmel’s Monday recap during his late-night show. Notably, it’s one of the few most-viewed videos from the event that didn’t come from the official channel. 

WWE Slams Into Summer

Last week we noted how NBC Sports scored big with the Olympics, with the most minutes watched. But the “sports” creator with the broadest reach was a decidedly different contest — WWE professional wrestling — with 40 million unique viewers. 

The organization’s annual SummerSlam event was responsible for the bulk of this attention, with Facebook being the platform of choice. Of the 392 million views WWE content received on the social network in August, 281 million were specific to SummerSlam videos. Much of that was uploads of prior years’ events, which WWE used to promote and generate excitement for the Aug. 21 event. 

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