How Wilton Can Boost Their Bake Sales With Tubular Video Ratings

Last week we launched Tubular Video Ratings (Beta), a new set of metrics designed to standardize and simplify online video measurement with an apples-to-apples comparison of views and engagement across leading video platforms. Think of Tubular Video Ratings as the Nielsen ratings of the online video universe. In last week’s blog post, we shared how Media Companies and MCNs can leverage Tubular Video Ratings for speedy influencer identification, as well as for competitive benchmarking of video content and properties.

Today, we’re investigating how Tubular Video Ratings can help brands identify the right influencers – influencers who align with their brand personality, and who will boost brand awareness and drive ROI.

Test Kitchen: Wilton

Wilton is the world leader in cake decorating, sweet treat-making and bakeware, it has successfully established itself as a thought leader in the online video space. Quick-to-market, Wilton primarily use online video to engage with its loyal fanbase to share baking techniques and tips, recipes and product release teasers. Wilton’s online video strategy ensures its brand remains relevant with a younger female demographic, that is consuming online video on a daily basis. 


Looking at these numbers, we can see Wilton is performing solidly when it comes to online video, their videos receive an average of 83K views after the first 30 days and are twice as engaging as the average video on YouTube and Facebook. Interestingly, Wilton raked in 3M total views in March, signaling that they are posting a steady stream of evergreen content that consistently draws in viewers.

Time to dig deeper. Recently, Wilton worked with two top baking influencers, Rosanna Pansino and Yolanda Gampp.


Typically, Wilton’s average first 30-day views (V30) across videos without influencers is 44.2K. Compare this to Wilton’s average V30 for influencer collaboration videos, a whopping 208K, which highlights the significance of working with popular influencers. The average first 30-day engagement ER30 across collaboration and non-collaboration videos is solid with 2.1X higher than average engagement.

What Content Should We Put In The Oven?

Let’s review Wilton’s five most engaging videos:


ER30 is an indicator of the most engaging content relative to the social video universe. In this instance, ER30 can be leveraged to provide important insights on the most compelling and engaging content, which can then be used to drive content strategy, help determine budget, and find relevant influencers for partnership. When the content team at Wilton sees that “How To” videos are ~4x as engaging as the average YouTube or Facebook video, they can use this information to create more instructional cooking and baking content, which should resonate with their already engaged audience.

By empowering Wilton to make decisions quicker and easier, they can establish a strong community of followers across video platforms and further establish their credibility as thought leaders and experts in the baking world.

This is just the beginning! Keep a look out for more updates on Tubular Video Ratings and how these metrics can help you drive success in the online video space.

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