On-Demand Webinar: How Benefit Cosmetics Shines on Social Video

Consumers look to platforms like YouTube for product reviews prior to making purchasing decisions, and the beauty industry understands this better than most. Benefit Cosmetics, an LVMH subsidiary with an international presence in 20+ markets, uses social video to drive real connections with their audience and boost sales.

In this on-demand webinar, we sit down with Toto Haba, SVP of Global Digital at Benefit Cosmetics, and discuss how their video strategy and influencer partnerships allow the global brand to stay in front of their audience in a content genre that took in 3B views on YouTube from over 4.5m creators in2018!

You’ll learn how Benefit: 

  • Generates excitement and authenticity through audience-focused content strategies.
  • Draws on user-generated content to populate their local country feeds.
  • Strategically uses viewing data to capture audience attention.

Watch the preview below:



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