On-Demand Webinar: How Deutsche Welle’s Social Video Strategy Boosted Its Global Audience

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster and one of the most successful and relevant international media outlets. DW’s multimedia content covers 31 languages and reaches 250 million weekly user contacts worldwide. As the #1 German broadcaster by global audience according to Tubular Audience Ratings, DW extends its reach via social media by connecting with audiences around the world.

Watch our webinar with DW’s Head of Audience Development, Sebastian Katthöver as we discuss how Deutsche Welle has grown its global social video presence and kept the DW brand universally recognizable all while localising content.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Deutsche Welle:

  • Has become the #1 German broadcaster in global reach by optimising channels and finding white space
  • Uses research and data to determine what content to make for localised audiences
  • Prioritises which regions and content to focus on in its greater social video strategy



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