On-Demand Webinar: How Gymshark Built a Brand Through Deep Audience Connection

The ability to translate digital‌ ‌content experiences to the real world can be a competitive advantage if done well. Over the past 7 years, Gymshark has built a reputation for its ability to create a sense of community through social video, disrupting the incredibly competitive apparel industry and building a massive following at the same time.

Join us as we sit down with Calum Watson, Head of Sponsorship at Gymshark, to discuss how the company uses social video to build lasting relationships with their audience through strong storytelling and strategic influencer marketing.

You’ll learn how Gymshark:

  • Showcases its brand through influencer marketing and community building through video content.
  • Guides video storytelling by understanding their audience first.
  • Drives creative with fan feedback through its innovative consumer engagement and content strategies.

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.