On-Demand Webinar: Social Chain Media

Social Chain Media has always been at the forefront of social video. As one of the top social publishers in the UK, every day they connect millions of fans through their passions including sports, food, music, gaming and youth culture.

Social Chain Media recently joined the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA) to prove the scale of its social video reach to partners and brands, which include top names like the BBC, ASOS, Amazon, Dreamworks, and dozens of others.

Watch the webinar with Christian Grobel, Managing Director of Social Chain Media, Mindi Chahal, Head of Content at Digiday, and Denis Crushell, Managing Director of International for Tubular Labs and learn:

  • How Social Chain Media has set up a diverse portfolio of successful content channels across multiple industries
  • Why understanding its Gen Z and millennial audiences unlocks important value for the brands it works with
  • What a robust, cross-platform audience measurement standard means for the future of video

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.