Tubular drives earned media and connects brands with the top video influencers.

Building brands one video at a time

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Unique audience insights
  • Uncover which audiences are most likely to engage with your brand
  • Get the data needed to maximize reach and engagement
  • Discover what's trending with your target audience
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Content and talent strategy
  • Identify and partner with aligned influencers and fans
  • Compare user generated brand content against your official content
  • Architect video production and distribution strategies
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Cross-platform measurement
  • Measure official and UGC brand video content across 30+ platforms
  • Identify video trends, industry insights, and uncover content creation opportunities
  • Learn about competitor presence and your own share of voice across video platforms
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Drive success
  • Increase audience reach and viewership across multiple video platforms
  • Quickly grow your brand share of voice across key social sites
  • Optimize paid media and save costs on promotional strategies

How brands and agencies use Tubular to get results

Wilton, the leading food-crafting brand, leveraged Tubular data to design a digital content strategy that grew their channel engagement by 740% in less than a year. Informed by Tubular data and insights, Wilton identified influential baking creators who drove high views and engagement on their branded content series on baking tips and techniques.
Edelman, the world’s largest social media agency, uses Tubular software to identify and contact influencers for brand integrations. Through Tubular, Rob Jones, Vice President of Digital Strategy has set up brand deals with over 10 influencers in the last 3 months.  “There’s no other way to show the full reach of these video creators and identify the audiences they touch” says Jones.
“Tubular makes us more efficient and effective at finding those diamond in the rough creators – which powers our video marketing success”
Cory Weiss
Head of Business Development
"Before Tubular, we were just banking on our YouTube analytics, but with Tubular, we were able to gain access into what else was going on and stay on the cutting edge of content creation for YouTube."
Isaac Quiroga
Director - Video Engagement, New Media
Mattel, Inc.

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