Learn how Spin Master uses new standard KPIs for video performance.

Learn how Spin Master uses new standard KPIs for video performance.

“While analysis tools for social posts and images existed, we needed a solution specific to gathering video content insights. Tubular changed the way we access information, giving us new standard KPIs for video performance. We now export performance data in a matter of minutes, instead of manually maintaining views.”

Talia Carr, Assistant Manager of Social Marketing at Spin Master


Spin Master, a Canadian global toy and entertainment company, used Tubular’s Audience Also Watches, to achieve almost 2x the average YouTube engagement rate for an influencer campaign.  

Business Challenges  

  • Spin Master’s team needed to:
    • Gain a deeper understanding of what video content, either created internally or by competitors and influencers, was resonating
    • Benchmark their videos to competitors and stay in front of their kids audience

Digital Video Strategy  

  • Using Tubular, Spin Master:
    • Monitors its share of voice, form KPI’s around Tubular’s V30 metric, and benchmark their video performance against others
    • Discovers high performing content trends and identify new influencers that fit with its target demographics


  • Spin Master is now able to inform content strategy, quickly and efficiently, to create high-performing videos
  • Spin Master can better target and engage its audiences by identifying the content creators most-connected to their audiences


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