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The data you need to understand the context of your video performance, benchmark against competitors, and identify unique audience growth opportunities.

Global cross-platform video intelligence

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Market Intelligence
Tubular analyzes 14 million video creators in every genre and industry. Learn from competitors content strategies so you can replicate their successes and avoid their failures.
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Audience Analytics
Tubular offers unique insights into the digital viewing habits of 400 million consumers, including age, gender, location, affinity, and cross-creator audience overlap.
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Instantly analyze any video with more than 10,000 views that was published on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in the past 3 years.
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Video Intelligence

Uncover insights from 6 billion videos across multiple platforms. With Tubular’s proprietary automated taxonomies of videos, quickly find top-performing content in any segment and take action on the content opportunities in owned, earned, and competitors’ videos.

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Audience Insights

Get a full understanding of your target audience and that of your competitors. See audience breakdowns of demographics, including age, gender, and location, for any creator, by platform. Tubular's Audience Also Watches (AAW) surfaces creators with the greatest amount of audience overlap.

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Performance Insights

Visualize the performance of video characteristics so you can easily identify the types of videos that succeed. See what types of videos drive views, optimal video length, ect., and understand performance by platform, duration, format, genre, and other segmentations.

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Creator Intelligence

Discover influencers, follow rising stars, and find competitors to benchmark their performance against your own.

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Your mission control for video intelligence. The Dashboard collects all the major trends you care about most. Measure all your social video content in one place, benchmark against competitors, and measure trends and content opportunities over time.

Viacom, Ellen Digital Network, and Corus join Vice, Buzzfeed and Group Nine as Global Video Measurement Alliance founding members.

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