WEBINAR: Globo’s 4 year journey to digital media transformation

As one of the largest media companies in Latin America and the world, Globo has successfully blurred the lines between live, traditional and digital media. Globally there has been a massive shift in how fragmented audiences consume content – how has Globo transformed as a media conglomerate in the digital world?

Join us as we speak with Vanessa Oliveira, Director of Viu Hub at Globo and take a closer look at Globo’s digital transformation of converging linear and digital worlds.. You’ll learn how Globo:

  • Taps into evolving audience behavior to grow their brand beyond linear
  • Partners and tells stories that grow organically alongside some of the world’s biggest brands to reach wider audiences.
  • Is shifting strategy and embracing change in the time of Covid

Be ahead of the curve in
the age of video.