2024 Trends: Diversify Your Content Strategy

By Henley Worthen · May 16, 2024

In our latest report, The State of Social 2024, we noticed four major trends publishers should be aware of. 

The first two themes we covered include: 

  1. Media & News publishers are growing on social sites
  2. Meet the Multifaceted Viewer

Today, on our journey through The State of Social 2024, we will examine how publishers are diversifying their content strategies in terms of video duration, platform trends, and content topics. 

When it comes to content strategy, it’s important to understand what formats are performing best and how to synergize across various platforms.

With Tubular, you understand the length of your social video content, which topics you should discuss, and where you should post it.

Long-form content cuts through the clutter

Since the rise of short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram, creators have made an art form out of telling stories within a 30-second-or-less timeframe. The short-form video craze meant audiences swiped more while creators had less time to influence sales or provide details. But in 2024, audiences have shown us that they want more substance from their favorite creators. 

Throughout the first half of 2024, Tubular’s social media data has shown us that audiences are starting to prefer longer videos on platforms that were once considered to be ‘short-form platforms’. 

Tubular data reveals that TikTok videos published by media entities and shorter than 30-seconds had the most uploads in 2023— but longer videos actually won the highest average views per video. 


Experiment with longer videos on traditionally short-form platforms to earn more views and engagements.

Platform diversification is key

Video podcasts have done a great job of establishing diverse content strategies across platforms. To promote a podcast, a mix of long-form episodes and short-form clips can be found across all major socials. 

One of YouTube’s top video podcasts is a comedian-led show, H3 Podcast.
In January 2024, the H3 YouTube channel garnered more than 61.2 million minutes watched, averaging 29.5 minutes watched per video.

By posting content across various social platforms, H3 is able to increase its reach and draw viewership back to its YouTube channel where full episodes are available.

While the H3 podcast show airs on YouTube, both the owned content and user-generated content (UGC) surrounding the show gain more average engagements on other social platforms like Instagram. UGC content posted by fans averages 15.7x more engagement per video on Instagram.

Just like types of content differ from platform to platform, audiences also differ. While H3’s YouTube podcast is predominantly female, its Facebook audience is mostly male. By uncovering the nuances of each platform, creators can tailor content to each unique audience and improve targeting.


Utilize your cross-platform network to nurture a highly loyal audience and win more brand partnerships.

Evergreen content retains its inherent value 

Entertaining social media series that feature public figures or trending topics are great drivers of views and engagement. For example, Vogue’s “73 Questions” series on YouTube features both up-and-coming and iconic Hollywood stars as they answer personal questions about themselves and show off their homes and lifestyles.

While these videos always propel an initial spike in views, they also win consistent views even when the initial hype has worn off. Because they often feature celebrities, these types of videos also benefit when news breaks related to that person.

Singer Sabrina Carpenter’s “73 Questions” episode, posted by British Vogue three years ago, has continued to win more views as she grows in popularity as an artist. Now that she’s on tour with one of the world’s biggest singers, Taylor Swift, her video continues to spike over time.


Post a mixture of topical and evergreen content to drive consistent growth. By featuring celebrities in evergreen entertainment, interest will compound for years to come.

Best practices for content strategies are always changing and evolving. Having access to social media insights such as what video durations are performing best on which social platforms can help guide content decisions.

It can be difficult for news publishers to keep up with breaking stories. However, Tubular data has proven that evergreen content resonates with social audiences and continues to compound value long after the “24-hour news cycle.” 

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