Why Unique Reach Matters: The New Top 10 Global Media Companies

By Bree Brouwer · September 12, 2019

Why Unique Reach Matters: The New Top 10 Global Media Companies

Did you know social video content pulls in over two trillion views every month?

Both traditional and digital media companies are trying to capture some of this attention with their own video efforts. After all, in today’s video economy, attention is currency!

Traditional publishers like Hearst and Condé Nast are making significant investments to reposition themselves and stay ahead of younger audiences moving to online video (eMarketer and Wibbitz found younger audiences spend about 1.4 more hours per day watching video than TV).

Similarly, digital-first media companies like Group Nine Media are launching new verticals and landing significant investments.

However, despite these efforts and those trillions of views across the world’s largest social platforms, there’s currently no benchmark for valuing audiences beyond views.

Without a way to consistently define views and de-duplicate viewers across platforms and devices, both buy and sell sides are unable to confidently determine the value of their audiences.

Publishers can’t realize their full revenue potential if they don’t have a complete, cross-platform understanding of their audience. Likewise, brands and advertisers can’t reach or invest in these audiences that are increasingly moving to social.

Clearly, the way we measure media must change. We need Nielsen TV ratings — but for video.

See what Tubular and the GVMA are building

In order to drive the same transparency in global social video that the industry already has for traditional media (like the Nielsen TV ratings), Tubular Labs and the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA) co-developed new metrics for the time spent viewing across social platforms and de-duplicated audience engagement.

These standardized metrics will reveal a comprehensive, global picture of true audience reach and engagement for social video. Media companies will now be able to measure total watch time, average watch time per unique viewer, de-duplicated reach, audience demographics, and more.

When we’re able to see from this angle of unique reach, a different set of media companies come out on top. As such, we’re releasing for the first time ever the top 10 global media companies by unique reach on Facebook and YouTube!

Here’s who claimed the top spots in July 2019 based on these new metrics:

Why Unique Reach Matters: The New Top 10 Global Media Companies

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