Sports Snapshot [Part 2/4]: Winning Content Strategies 

By Henley Worthen · June 18, 2024

Sports Snapshot [Part 2/4]: Winning Content Strategies 

In this four-part Sports Snapshot series, we will explore the latest content strategies and audience insights that we identified in Tubular’s report: Sports Snapshots: The 2024 Social Media Scoreboard

Tubular’s social media insights help you uncover the content and sponsorship strategies that are helping creators and marketers win over sports fans.

In Part 2 of our four-part Sports Snapshot series, we’ll discuss how to better understand niche audiences so you can cater to evolving viewing preferences and solidify the right partnerships.  

If you missed Part 1 on benchmarking success, click here. engagement against views, what content drives the highest engagement, and what strategies new, social-first sports broadcasters have used to get ahead.

Growth Opportunities within YouTube Sports Categories

Tubular Labs provides invaluable insights for identifying growth opportunities in social media video categories by comparing the number of video uploads against the number of views per video within a certain subcategory. The following visualization allows us to pinpoint where the most promising opportunities lie. 

Sports video categories with a low number of uploads and high concentration of views offer growth opportunities for publishers. Stick to your core content pillars that your loyal audience loves, while also integrating content from these breakthrough categories to reach new viewers. 

In this graph, you can see that Track and Field, Water Sports, and Disabled Sports are amongst the subcategories that have major growth potential for sports broadcasters. While larger sports like Soccer and Basketball might be the bread-and-butter of your content, you can always lace in other sports to reach new audiences. 


Seek less saturated content categories to ensure that efforts are concentrated in areas with the highest potential for impact. This data-driven method maximizes the reach and effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Understanding Your Fans

Understanding your sports audience on social media goes far beyond views and likes. Tubular Labs provides behavioral insights that delve into the specific products and topics your audience is most interested in. You can leverage this data to cater to your audience and negotiate stronger sponsorships.

For instance, there are distinct differences between the social media audiences of soccer and the NFL. Soccer fans, for example, show a surprising affinity for darts, as evidenced by their most-purchased Amazon product categories and their most-watched YouTube categories. In contrast, when it comes to exercise, NFL fans prefer outdoor activities like kayaking or backpacking.

Marketers and media broadcasters can use these in-depth behavioral insights to identify the most effective partnerships. 


By understanding the unique preferences of different audiences, brands can tailor their marketing strategies to align with the interests of their target demographics, ensuring more impactful and resonant campaigns. This approach not only enhances engagement but also maximizes the potential return on investment for sponsorships and collaborations.

Tubular Labs’ analytics help you identify growth opportunities hidden within social media video categories and understand the nuanced interests of sports audiences. This, in turn, helps both creators and marketers cater to their audiences.

This data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are not only targeted and effective but also resonate deeply with the intended audience, driving higher engagement and better returns.

Winning Content Strategies Key Takeaways: 

  1. By focusing on areas with high viewer demand and low content supply, creators can maximize their reach and engagement.
  2. Creators can use in-depth audience preferences like popular products and adjacent video categories to expand audience reach.
  3. Insights into the specific preferences of differing audiences helps marketers and media broadcasters to forge stronger, more relevant partnerships. 

Thanks for joining us on Part 2 of this four-part series. In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing: 

  • Benchmarking Success
  • Winning Content Strategies
  • Diversifying sports audiences
  • Preparing for global games

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