Overtime soars to new digital heights with the backing of Tubular Audience Ratings™.

By Henley Worthen · July 19, 2021

Overtime soars to new digital heights with the backing of Tubular Audience Ratings™.

Overtime Surges in the Under-35 Sports Audience + Attracts Top Advertisers Spending Outside of TV.

The digital-first media company released its audience growth data online with the help of Tubular Audience Ratings  — the premiere Insight tool for Social Video. Tubular measures de-duplicated viewership and minutes watched across YouTube and Facebook. 

According to data, Overtime reached a monthly average of 36.3 million unique viewers P13-35 across YouTube and Facebook since the beginning of 2021, which outperforms their key competitors like ESPN, Barstool Sports, and Bleacher Report.

Overtime uses Tubular Data as a catalyst to evolve brand content + reach new verticals.

In only 4½  years, Overtime grew from working with sports-centric early adopters like Adidas, Nike, and Gatorade to working with brands across the board, including Google, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, EA Sports, American Eagle, KFC, HBO, Rocket Mortgage, and many more. 

Chief Revenue Officer Weighs In

“Brands today have an uphill battle of trying to reach a wide audience in a landscape that is more fragmented than ever before. If they want to not only reach but truly engage the under-35 audience, they’ll need to go beyond a TV buy, especially when it comes to sports, and that’s where Overtime comes in.

Overtime’s Chief Revenue Officer, Rich Calacci 

Calacci and the team at Overtime are paving the way for other sports broadcasters to shift funds and focus into digital and social viewing. Digiday interviewed Calacci to learn more. Read the full interview here.

Since utilizing Tubular Audience Ratings, Overtime has seen its unique monthly viewership (all ages) reach an average of 57 million in 2021 and secured over 70 million during significant spending periods like March Madness. 

Tubular knowledge empowers and motivates Overtime to invest in young, engaged audiences across YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. Growing massive audiences feeds back into the company’s programming and ad revenue business, developing a multifaceted social video strategy. 

Overtime Originals + Advertising Opportunities

Overtime Originals are long-form YouTube programs with custom versions created for IGTV. These episodes attract plenty of advertising opportunities from brands looking to interact with their highly sought-after audience. 

Overtime weaves brand messaging throughout campaigns such as “League Ready” from State Farm, “Brought to You By” from Axe, and OT6 by Boost and FDA. They also integrate Native Content ads within videos such as “SuperTeam Prolific Prep” with BodyArmor. 

Other Overtime activations include event-based engagements such as the Young CEO Experience, influencer takeovers on TikTok with Embiid & Eastbay, and social-first series like Hot Clock and Fast Class

Arming themselves with data and meaningful insights, Overtime continues to connect and grow its audiences. As a result, brands like Overtime experience more success attracting advertisers. 

By understanding the bigger picture of audiences worldwide, creators can anticipate trends and target emerging markets to position themselves ahead of the pack. That’s how Tubular Intelligence inspires content that goes viral. 

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