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Tubular’s Customer Stories blog series highlights unique ways that real customers are using Tubular to win in online video. Here, we share diverse stories of how Tubular fits into the workflows of the industry’s most innovative enterprises - from how brands can identify on-brand influencers to work with, to how media companies leverage Tubular data and insights to create powerful reporting, enable sales teams, inform content strategy and optimize media buying.

Previously, we reviewed how a major media company uses Tubular to streamline their internal reporting process. Using Tubular, this media company gathers intel on competitors, tracks trends and top-performing videos, and monitors the growth of their late-night property over time and across platforms. Today, we will focus on compiling the rich data and insights collected using Tubular, and leveraging these robust numbers to bolster sales pitches.

In this scenario, a major media company (Unnamed Media Company, or UMC) is pitching a branded content collaboration between a potential advertiser and UMC’s top-performing late-night property: Awesome Late Night. Let’s assume that UMC is targeting Kia Motors Worldwide for their sales pitch. 


Before Hitting the Road

An important first step of this sales pitch is to establish the “why.” The preferred advertising channel for car companies is traditional TV commercials, so why should Kia take a leap of faith and commit to not only marketing on a different medium, but also with a new advertising strategy altogether?

With the widespread adoption of DVR, premium OTT services, and even YouTube’s “Skip Ad” feature, traditional advertisements may never even reach the audience that Kia wants to target. Furthermore, even if these commercials do reach potential car-buyers, the “sales pitch” nature of these advertisements may be perceived as off-putting and invasive.

Collaborating with a popular media property ensures compelling, quality content tailored to resonate with a very targeted audience. Passive product placements in trusted TV programs or genuine influencer marketing builds credibility. Delivering entertaining content to the right audience maximizes reach and drives brand awareness. This exposure and positive brand sentiment will ultimately mean an uptick in car sales when viewers consider purchasing a new vehicle.


Why Awesome Late Night?

Now that Kia is convinced to partner with a digital media property, it’s time to communicate Awesome Late Night’s value and show them why this collaboration is mutually beneficial. In short, Awesome Late Night can create an additional business partnership, and Kia can begin to build a trusted digital brand that eventually drives product awareness and sales, thereby maximizing ROI.

Research reveals that Kia is marketing its Soul vehicle model towards a younger generation. A article claims “Soul’s target audience remains the 18- to 29-year-old Gen Y, an urbanite with a day job, side passion, and love of music and technology.”

With this in mind, let’s backtrack to our previous blog post, which explained how to power mission-critical reporting through Tubular. We reviewed UMC’s audience insights and how Tubular provides the distribution of genders and age ranges of those who engage with Awesome Late Night’s YouTube channel:


From this, we now have one clear value proposition to offer Kia: Awesome Late Night’s channel audience matches Kia Soul’s target consumer demographic. Through a partnership with Awesome Late Night, Kia can easily reach the 18-34 demographic - close to 81% of the show’s online audience is within this age range. Not to mention that the top audience locations–United States, United Kingdom, Canada– house some of the biggest urban centers in the world.

For more context, UMC can use Tubular’s “Industry” filter to access the top brands in the automotive industry, ranked by July views.


With the click of a button, UMC has access to a general overview of the Automotive Industry at its fingertips, saving users a lot of time and resources. With Tubular, UMC sees Kia’s strengths (its 30-day views are close to 4x that of the industry average) and weaknesses (its engagement rating is a 0.3x compared to the industry’s average of 1.0x), providing the structure for a tailored pitch.

Additionally, UMC can compare Kia to the industry by utilizing the Properties tool:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.39.23 PM

Kia raked in over 1.2 billion views in July across its 74 creators, representing close to 7% of the entire automotive industry’s July views. Presenting facts and insights such as these demonstrates UMC’s deep understanding of Kia’s business, pain points, and goals. UMC can also use Tubular to similarly illustrate a detailed competitive landscape for further depth (for more information on competitive, trend, and growth reporting, check out Part I of this two-part customer story).

Next, let’s analyze Awesome Late Night’s profile for comparison:


UMC’s sales team can share these impressive numbers with Kia. Awesome Late Night brings in phenomenal monthly views, as witnessed by the nearly 90 million total views generated by its worldwide channel in July. However, Tubular can also help predict campaign viewership through V30, a metric that shows average first 30-day views. In this case, we see that Awesome Late Night drives ~901K views in the first 30 days. Furthermore, ER30 shows the average first-30 day engagement rating, which we can see is above average (an ER30 greater than 1.0x) for Awesome Late Night. Using the same process we did with the Automotive Industry, UMC can compare themselves against the Late Night industry, and spotlight their strengths (see Part I for more details).

Combined with Kia’s online video budget and intelligent promotional efforts, the campaign will surely drive both high views and engagement amongst the target audience.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

With “Audience Also Watches,” UMC is able to show Kia that followers of the late-night brand overlap significantly with those who engage with topics that Kia wants to target.


As you can see, Awesome Late Night’s audience is 100x more likely to view channels about political commentary (Talking Points Memo), pop culture programs, movies, and celebrities. To quickly understand the range of channels that Awesome Late Night’s audience is likely to follow, look in the “Categories” filter - you’ll see that most channels appear to relate to Entertainment, Music, Science & Tech, and other topics that resonate with Kia’s target audience. To cross-reference, we could also look at the ‘Themes’ filter above Categories. Whereas Categories are self-selected by creators, Themes are algorithmically derived based on the overall content by the creator. These confirm to Kia that Awesome Late Night’s audiences hold key interests and passions that their ideal buyer shares. Moreover, Awesome Late Night can consult Audience Also Watches when working with Kia’s budget to specifically target these channels’ audiences when promoting the campaign.

Now that UMC has determined that their late-night audience indeed matches Kia’s target customer, it’s time to brainstorm a winning campaign idea.

To do so, let’s review the top content of the year from Kia:


Interestingly, Kia’s top two videos from the past year have been a content collaboration with X-Men and Rafael Nadal, lending further credibility to the idea that cinematic, branded content is better received by their audiences than traditional ads. Looking at Kia’s top-performing traditional commercial, for example, we can see that it has less views in one year than the top branded content videos received in 30 days. Its engagement is also lower than that of the branded pieces. Another reason to shift marketing budget towards branded video content!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.29.50 PM

Finally, let’s check out the top digital content from 2016 from all late-night shows, cross-platform:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.53.35 PM

With the click of a button in Tubular, UMC has now discovered that in 2016, the most popular and most viewed videos from late-night hosts involve singing and lip-syncing.

Of course, Awesome Late Night would have to creatively brainstorm a branded content campaign that incorporates Kia Soul organically and that closely embraces shared values. Armed with the content and audience insights that Tubular was able to provide, UMC and Awesome Late Night now have strong ammunition to deliver Kia a winning sales pitch.



Boom! Kia’s completely convinced that not only is branded content the way to go, but also Awesome Late Night is the best partner for this deal. Kia joins forces with Awesome Late Night, and brainstorms and executes a brilliant campaign.

Let’s fast-forward to the end of the campaign. What now?

Post campaign, UMC can also glean insights from Tubular and quickly report on the performance of the branded content campaign, including cross platform metrics such as views, engagement and social reach. UMC can gather data-driven successes - the top-performing videos from the campaign, as well as more granular data such as the exact days and videos that spiked. All of this valuable information serves as a benchmark for both Kia and Awesome Late Night for future campaigns. Mission accomplished!

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